First year in the university

In the first year of engineering, we were taught C by Madam Humera Noor. She was a nice teacher and introduced us about every element of C, from basics to advanced, from Text mode to Graphics, from structures to unions, from File IO to port addressing, from Pointers to variables to pointers to functions, and many more. I was able to make some logic games in C. As the final project of C, I made a Graph Plotter which was very appreciated by teachers and class fellows. The program inputs an expression from user and plots its graph in rectangular as well as polar mode. I further transformed the same program in VB also.


2 Responses to “First year in the university”

  1. Muhammad Yahya Says:

    Mehroz Man !! u forgot to write about your Position in Result !! 🙂

  2. Syed Mehroz Alam Says:

    Thanks for reminding me Yahya, I really forgot that, but if I had remembered it, even though, I think I would not have said this in my post, as this blog is for my programming activities and securing a position in university exam isn’t related to programming. The only closest match I find is to say that I got highest marks in both the sections in “Programming Languages” in first year ( 97/100 ). As another note, I was the only one in both sections in second year who got full marks in all the areas (test, bonus assignment, project) of sessionals in “Object oriented programming”.

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