New article: Analog clock control in C#

Visit for my new article. It is a step-by-step guide on how to make a clock control in C#. The article contains much description and pictures. I hope you will like this.

VB Graph Plotter Updated

I have updated the VB version of Graph Plotter. Now it is a nice application with many new features e.g. Selecting a range for a Graph, Copying a graph to clipboard, Printing it, Saving it as bitmap file, and much more. I highly recommend to take a look at


I went for PROCOM with two of my fellows, Usman and Faisal. On the first day, there were two trial sessions. We stood 8th in the very first session but then we gathered our distributed skills and yeah, we stood 1st in the 2nd trial session. On the second day, there was only one session of 3 hours. All the participating teams including us could solve only 3 problems out of given 6. We were the first one to solve those 3 problems but Ah…. Some penalty points kept us far from first 3 rankings. We were not much upset and InshaAllah we’ll make a remarkable victory in the upcoming Softec Competition in Lahore.