Running MS Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7 RC

I am a strong supporter of virtualization and have created various virtual machines for different development environments. After upgrading to Windows 7 RC from its beta version, I decided to install the new Windows Virtual PC. The download page greeted me with a “Windows Virtual PC requires a CPU with the Intel™ Virtualization Technology or AMD-V® feature turned” warning. Despite knowing the fact that my 2.5GHz Intel Dual Core E5200 does not have hardware virtualization support, I decided to try my luck and installed Windows VPC. The installation went successfully but upon running the sofware, it gave me a “hardware not supported” error. I then installed my old friend, MS Virtual PC 2007 and it was installed successfully. However, I was shocked to see the following error upon running it:

“The program is blocked due to compatibility issues”

VPC 2007 blocked

What!!! Windows Virtual PC cannot run because I have no hardware support and MS Virtual PC 2007 cannot run because Microsoft wants me to use Windows VPC. Does this means I will not be able to run my development VMs unless I upgrade my hardware or quit using Windows 7??

Well, a developer should not give up so easily; After some searching, I was able to find the solution:

“Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 cannot run while Windows Virtual PC is installed. We need to uninstall Windows VPC and MS Virtual PC 2007 will run fine”

Nice solution. I quickly uninstalled Windows VPC from my windows installed updates as below:

Uninstall VPC update

So now, I can run my dev machines using MS Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7 release candidate. Hooray!!!

Note: this solution is applicable to Windows 7 final release as well.

VPC 2007 running


22 Responses to “Running MS Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7 RC”

  1. dig7er Says:

    Thank you very much! It helped!

  2. User Says:

    Thanks for this!!

  3. Dbproguy Says:

    WOW That’s really a mind-boggling fix…. Whoever thought of this. Is there an explanation as to why Virtual PC 2007 doesn’t work with Windows Virtual PC installed?

  4. Steve Says:

    Will this solution work with xp mode

  5. Syed Mehroz Alam Says:

    Hi Steve,

    XP mode is supported via Windows Virtual PC while this post describes how to run Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7. These are two separate products.

  6. M.S. Says:

    Thank you so much! I couldn’t install Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 with the same error for a long time. This helped me!

  7. Assaf Lev Says:

    Thank you!

    Great solution!

  8. Paul Says:

    Thanks, it worked!!!!

    I love Windows 7, but this problem almost got me to go back to dreaded Vista. Glad I found your solution!

    Hurrey !!!!!!!!

  9. Mia Junk Says:

    Awesome article. FYI MS Virtual PC 2007 SP1 can be downloaded at the following Microsoft link:

  10. joshua siew Says:

    work like charm dude…thx a million.

  11. Michael Says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much! Saved my evening!

  12. EC Says:

    You can run Windows Virtual PC which is supported by Windows 7. If you prefer to run Virtual PC 2007 SP1, Microsoft has not tested this product on Windows 7. For those that don’t know, Windows will crash with Virtual PC 2007 SP1 during hibernation. I had to run Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7 because it is so hard to convert existing images on Windows Virtual PC. Microsofts makes it easy but trust me, you will run into issues.

  13. Vinod Says:

    Thanks a lot…. it works fine hats up…

  14. Data Recovery Says:

    well, i have troubles installing windows7 on my PC. maybe i need a bios update or something *;’

  15. Water Container Says:

    ‘:- I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information .~,

  16. Scorp Says:

    thanks Mehroz

  17. Rajesh Says:

    Stupid solution..We can easily use virtual PC pre installed on Windows 7 and read existing VHD’s

  18. matt Says:

    Just renaming the exe worked for me

  19. Jackfrost Says:

    All part of MS wanting to force you into 10. 10 is only good if you are into phone style apps and addicted 2 social media aka tumbler,twitter.etc

    Windows 10 is very flinchy with games that require cd rom support though hidden object games from Big Fish Games go threw just fine but the same kind odfg of games from Pop Cap such as PI San Francisco will actually reject the CD spitting it back out while in P Virtual Box it plays just fine.

    On Virtulbox Mom at one time could NOT get any hidden object games to go thru until after giving up a few days she put in a trial version of Bejeweled that came with one of them as a 3 pack then suddenly a whole bunch of the HO games installed with no problem including PI San Francisco Weird huh?

  20. Jackfrost Says:

    She only put the trial version in as desperation just to play it s long as she could but decided to try one more time after to put the other hidden objects in and presto chango!

  21. Jackfrost Says:

    BTW Vbox seems to have a huge monopoly in the VM department. Ad in all cases monopolies DO NOT represent the free market system and are a form of control\.

  22. beermattuk Says:

    Virtual Box is free so it’s not really a monopoly when you’re giving something away. Also Virtual Box is a very small player in enterprise solutions, in fact I’m not even sure whether they have one! At an Enterprise level it’s all Microsoft Hyper V and VMWare. The only reason Vbox is popular in the domestic market is because it’s the only good free one. Microsoft and VMWare easily have the technology to make good free ones, but instead purposefully make them shit because they have little interest in it.

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