Entity Framework: TimeStamp fields not recognized for optimistic concurrency model

Today, while working with Entity Framework, I noticed through SQL Profiler that my update queries were not using timestamp field. I looked into my model and found that my timestamp fields have Concurrency Mode property set to None. It was quite strange; The entity model was auto generated and I wonder why the EF designer could not identify my timestamp field (I remember Linq To SQL designer automatically took care of such fields). Anyway, I changed Concurrency Mode to Fixed and it worked great. So, as a final note, when generating entity model from database, don’t forget to set appropriate concurrency modes for your timestamp fields as it is not done by the designer itself.

setting concurrency mode for timestamp field


One Response to “Entity Framework: TimeStamp fields not recognized for optimistic concurrency model”

  1. Moby Disk Says:

    This sounds like you successfully generated the model from the database when using a timestamp field. When I do that, the resulting SQL script creates a binary field, not a timestamp field. Were you really able to generate a database from this model?

    — Creating table ‘Cars’
    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Cars] (
    [Id] int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    [Something] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,
    [timestamp] binary(8) NOT NULL

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