Entity Framework: Queries involving many to many relationship tables

Entity framework handles tables participating in Many to Many relationship in a nice manner. If the junction table (sometimes called bridge table, association table, link table, etc) only consists of the foreign keys and no other columns, then that table is abstracted by EF and the two sides get a navigational property exposing a collection of the other side. If the junction table contains other fields as well (e.g. the table has its own primary key column), then that junction table is included in the model with many-to-one relationships with both the participating tables. This post will present some common LINQ queries involving the many to many relationship tables in both scenarios: when the junction table is abstracted by EF, and when it is exposed. Read the rest of this entry »

Cannot access all microsoft.com domain websites

I got an strange problem today. I was not able to access any *.microsoft.com websites. Finally, after an hour of searching, I was able to find an interesting solution to this frustrating problem. I just restarted the DNS Client service and all things went back to normal. Awesome!!! I am back to work.