Goodbye GoodCore, Welcome DevEnhanced

I have been working at GoodCore Software for more than 4 years. I have had a great time here and learned so much from my colleagues. But I have decided to try something new – Starting July 2011, I have co-founded a new company, DevEnhanced, with my friend Fawad Moon.

Of course, there is never a good time to leave, but I feel satisfied with my tenure at GoodCore. I recently accomplished an enterprise educational content management system that involved all the latest .NET 4 flavors: WPF, Silverlight and ASP.NET were used for user interface, WCF for communication, Entity Framework for data access and SQL Server for storage. I was involved as the lead architect and gained a lot of experience and knowledge while working on the project.

Apart from handling some .NET projects at GoodCore, I also looked after few business intelligence and data warehousing projects. I utilized SQL reporting services and highly complex TSQL queries for dashboards and analytical reports, SQL Integration services for data extraction, transformation, loading, aggregation, integration and migration, and SQL Analysis services for building multidimensional structures, cubes and analytic solutions.

In this post, I would like to thank all the great folks at GoodCore for their support, cooperation and guidance. I hope the company will continue to have a positive reputation in the software industry.

Now I look forward to a new venture at DevEnhanced that brings forth new challenges and will add more diverse experience to my career. Please do remember me in your prayers and best wishes.

11 Responses to “Goodbye GoodCore, Welcome DevEnhanced”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Good luck with this new challenge!

  2. Syed Mehroz Alam Says:

    Thanks, Lucas. I appreciate your kind wishes.

  3. Meraj Khattak Says:

    Yes. It was great to have you with us and we will certainly miss both of you.

    I wish you have great success with your new venture.

  4. Syed Mehroz Alam Says:

    Thanks very much, Meraj bhai. We will miss you guys as well.

  5. Zohaib U. Khan Says:

    Nice initiative and wish you a happy entrepreneur.

  6. Syed Mehroz Alam Says:

    Thanks, Zohaib. I hope you are doing well.

  7. Nick Says:

    I just recently discovered your Expression Plotter Control at the Code Project. Very nice work … thank you.
    I’m quite sure you’ll do well with your new venture, but I’ll wish you ‘good Luck’ just in case.

  8. Syed Mehroz Alam Says:

    Thanks for your wishes, Nick.

  9. Syed Rizwan ul haq Says:

    you have been very sincere to your job and you will do better than that , i am sure

  10. Syed Mehroz Alam Says:

    Thanks very much, Rizwan. My best wishes for you.

  11. vamsi Says:

    Nice Blog,All the best Iam sure u will have success

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