Cannot access all domain websites

I got an strange problem today. I was not able to access any * websites. Finally, after an hour of searching, I was able to find an interesting solution to this frustrating problem. I just restarted the DNS Client service and all things went back to normal. Awesome!!! I am back to work.

Command Prompt Here option

Developers typically need a quick shortcut to opening command prompt in any folder they want. Here’s what I personally use:

Create a new file AnyName.reg and edit it to enter the following text:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="Command Prompt Here"
@="cmd.exe /k cd %1"

Run the file to update the registry. Now, you will get a “Command Prompt Here” option whenever you right click on any folder.

Coming soon

My blog will be re-active soon. Stay tuned for new posts.

Thank you.

My first message

Welcome to my blog. Here I will be posting my activities related to programming. Please check back soon.