VB Graph Plotter Updated

I have updated the VB version of Graph Plotter. Now it is a nice application with many new features e.g. Selecting a range for a Graph, Copying a graph to clipboard, Printing it, Saving it as bitmap file, and much more. I highly recommend to take a look at http://www.geocities.com/smehrozalam/files/graphvb.zip

Matrix and Fraction classes

I always get confused when performing row operations in a Matrix. But matrices were a great portion of our Maths-III course, as well as our Economics’ Linear programming section. Hence I needed a program which could tell me at when I was doing mistakes. The solution was simple, just to download any matrix application. But the problem was that all matrix programs I got, worked on floating point numbers and in our class problems we have to consider the exact values using fractions. I therefore needed a matrix application which could show results in a fraction format, but I didn’t found any. At that time we learned how to represent real world objects in a programming language and we did the example of a fraction class in our OOP course. I further enhanced that idea and was able to develop a fraction class and later on, a matrix using the fraction class. I incorporated all my needs and it worked fine. Then I uploaded the classes on GotDotNet<www.gotdotnet.com> and other similar sites and yes, I was able to further improve my classes with the help of user responses. I finally posted two articles on CodeProject<www.codeproject.com> and user responses were wonderful. I finally thank all of those who were helpful starting from Sir Saqib Ilyas to Jeffrey, Marc and other fellows.