Windows 7: Quick excel like filtering in Windows Explorer

I have been using Windows 7 since its beta version. I also used Windows Vista for some time, but could not figure a really powerful feature in Windows Explorer available in Details View mode. A few days back, when I tried to sort my file listing by size, my mouse pointer slightly slipped and I clicked on the corner. This brought an excel like filtering menu as shown below:

Wow!! After the great search box (at the top right corner in Windows Explorer), this is yet another great way to quickly locate our desired files. Here are some more screen shots.

I am not sure how many of you already knew this. This was a very interesting feature I wasn’t aware of, so I wrote a quick post to share this.

Running MS Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7 RC

I am a strong supporter of virtualization and have created various virtual machines for different development environments. After upgrading to Windows 7 RC from its beta version, I decided to install the new Windows Virtual PC. The download page greeted me with a “Windows Virtual PC requires a CPU with the Intel™ Virtualization Technology or AMD-V® feature turned” warning. Despite knowing the fact that my 2.5GHz Intel Dual Core E5200 does not have hardware virtualization support, I decided to try my luck and installed Windows VPC. The installation went successfully but upon running the sofware, it gave me a “hardware not supported” error. I then installed my old friend, MS Virtual PC 2007 and it was installed successfully. However, I was shocked to see the following error upon running it:

“The program is blocked due to compatibility issues”

VPC 2007 blocked

What!!! Windows Virtual PC cannot run because I have no hardware support and MS Virtual PC 2007 cannot run because Microsoft wants me to use Windows VPC. Does this means I will not be able to run my development VMs unless I upgrade my hardware or quit using Windows 7??

Well, a developer should not give up so easily; After some searching, I was able to find the solution:

“Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 cannot run while Windows Virtual PC is installed. We need to uninstall Windows VPC and MS Virtual PC 2007 will run fine”

Nice solution. I quickly uninstalled Windows VPC from my windows installed updates as below:

Uninstall VPC update

So now, I can run my dev machines using MS Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7 release candidate. Hooray!!!

Note: this solution is applicable to Windows 7 final release as well.

VPC 2007 running